The Blue Sky Lighting team uses quality, innovative and unique lighting systems with solid brass construction and lifetime warranties. The lifetime warranty covers not just the fixtures, but also the transformer and wire connections! Not many outdoor lighting companies can claim that. Proper lighting can accentuate your home’s architectural features, as well as add class and elegance while illuminating your property for your evenings enjoyment. 

The Blue Sky Lighting Team deploys layers of lighting to compliment architecture and specific landscaping features surrounding your home or facility.  Shadow lighting( which are down lights hidden in trees) disperse illumination across your property which can help improve security. Our Blue Sky Lighting Specialist’s can compliment these special effects with another layer of lighting known as accent lighting. Accent Lighting emphasizes focal points.

Our Blue Sky Lighting team is able to complete the project with tree canopy lighting. Tree canopy lighting affords a view of the greenery at night.

Specialty up lights along the tree base illuminate trunks,branches, and leaves.



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