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•     improve the health and appearance of your lawn and garden while protecting and preserving natural resources.

Blue Sky’s Green Team create an energy conserving landscape for you by using shade, vines, reflective materials, arbors , absorbent materials, and possibly wind breaks. It is possible to achieve up to a 30% reduction in heating and cooling costs with an energy efficient landscape.

• An energy conserving landscape is also a water conserving landscape.

  1. Our Blue Sky Green Team carefully evaluates your  existing plants to identify those that play a role in an energy conserving landscape.

  2. The average national household water usage for outdoor usage is 32%. Here at  Blue Sky we believe in keeping our eyes focused on our beautiful environment and what our impact is on it. There are several things that we can do which can limit our “footprint” on our planet.

Organic Pre-Emergent

Organic Disease Control

For  control and treatment of grubs organically, Blue Sky Landscape will need to determine which species of grub is affecting your lawn by taking a sample so we can determine the appropriate treatment.

There are several methods for controlling grubs, many of them involving cultural and structural control. Blue Sky uses 3 different types of organic control and it is best to treat the entire lawn.

One type of treatment is a naturally occurring host specific bacterium that once applied to the lawn, releases spores that are swallowed by the feeding grubs. The ingested bacterium then begins to cripple and kill the grubs within a period of 7-21 days. The build up of spores in the grubs causes them to take on a characteristic milky appearance. Once the grubs are dead, new spores are released into the soil, providing some future protection.

Another type of treatment which Blue Sky uses are microscopic worms . These live and breed in the soil ,then infect and  kill grubs.

A third type of treatment is a naturally occurring soil bacterium that acts as a stomach poison which interrupts feeding, and leads to death. It is a microbial pesticide. 

A healthy lawn is key to deterring pests.


Landscaped areas have come under particular scrutiny In the search to save on water usage. Blue Sky Landscape has taken steps to curtail water use in response to a desire for green landscaping practices.

•Water-conservation efforts include incorporating drip irrigation, adding pressure reducers on systems to lower water volume,and installing irrigation systems that monitor rainfall. Another option is  adding mulch or composted materials to the soil to retain moisture.

•Blue Sky can also monitor water leaving the grounds. Runoff can cause problems downstream and negatively impact the surrounding community.

Organic Weed Control

Blue Sky Landscape Green Team offers organic pre-emergent,for weed prone

areas. It works on weeds before they have sprouted.  It inhibits seed

germination of selected weeds as well as offers fertilizing properties due to its

nitrogen content. Timing is important when preventing weeds with this product in

a lawn. It can be used continually with results lasting about 6 weeks.

Snow & Ice Management