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Blue Sky believes in conserving water through efficient irrigation practices.

We use drip irrigation systems wherever possible. this is the most efficient way to deliver water  

to plants.  Drip systems reduce water waste, water cost, and plant disease. There is no overspray on

paved areas or building structures.

We offer complete design, installation, maintenance and repairs for residential,corporate and commercial irrigation systems. We use efficient technology in all of our products. No matter how complex your landscape, automatic irrigation systems can be programmed to discharge precise amounts of water in a targeted area, promoting water conservation.

We use ground cover and mulch in planter beds to reduce evaporation and retain water in the soil which

also adds nutrients to the soil.  We use Smart Irrigation Controllers and Rain Sensors reducing water use

by fine-tuning irrigation to plants’ precise water needs. Shuts off irrigation during rain. Cooler temperatures

reduce evaporation and allow water to penetrate deeply to roots. Calmer winds allow water to be delivered efficiently to plants, not blown onto pathways and buildings.

We program multiple irrigation cycles – long, single applications of water can create runoff and waste.

Shorter, multiple cycles allow time between cycles for water to penetrate more deeply into the soil.

We inspect and adjust sprinklers ensuring efficient delivery of water to plants.

We offer winterizing, spring start-up and service contracts.

We repair broken sprinklers and lines:

– reducing water waste and damage to plants.

We use master valves on major irrigation lines – electronically-controlled automatic shut-off prevents water waste in the event of a broken line, valve or sprinkler. 

• We watch for and prevent water runoff.

• We aerate lawns to help water and nutrients penetrate deep to the roots –promotes a healthier lawn with less

water use.

We adjust sprinkler heads, clear clogged nozzles, and repair damaged components.

Using a tipping rain gauge, the controller accurately assesses not only the total amount of rainfall, but how fast the rain falls (which affects how much water is absorbed by the soil before runoff occurs). This helps with properties that have sloping landscapes.


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