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The design process is the most important investment in the overall landscape process. Your landscape should complement the architectural features of your home and reflect your personality.  A successful design plan is also adaptive to its environment. There is no generic landscape that can be used everywhere.  Every design is created by hearing your objectives and evaluating your property. The soil type, grade of property, soil ph, sun exposure, direction your home faces, water availability, temperature, shade, deer, and amount of rainfall are some of the things that help us understand what we have to work with. Your wishes, needs, likes and dislikes play an important role also.  Are there privacy issues? Are there certain plants you like? Dislike? Favorite colors? What about lighting? Will you use property in the evening? Do you entertain? Allergies?   Your plan will be created and taken on with as much forethought as the house itself.  In the end, the two blend, flow, and work together.

A Master Plan

A Master Plan is an overview of your property showing the areas where Blue Sky will develop your ideas and dreams, then bring them to fruition. A Master Plan may be implemented in one phase, or in several phases.

Once we have put together the "inventory" of your landscape and or hardscape, we map

out all underground utilities and wires. In your plan, we take into consideration your neighbors trees, if bordering or shadowing your property. We make sure to take into consideration your boundaries, sun patterns, and shading patterns. Blue Sky is familiar with town codes, local restrictions, which projects need permits, and what considerations or complications may be involved in your “landscape” master plan. If permits are needed, the Blue Sky design team can assist in procuring those approvals.

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